The Easiest Way to Write a Business Plan as an Artist

As a creative, the very thought of writing a business plan can be well... intimidating as all HECK. Not to mention most business plans seem more like mini books filled with numbers and charts and investor-friendly language. Without business training, it can be hard to figure out where to start, and so it becomes one of those things we know we should do, but keep putting off. 

Thing is -- having a great business plan to follow can actually free up your creative mind, by removing any doubts about whether you’re putting your energy into the right activities…
...and creating one is FAR simpler than we’re led to believe!
You just need a tried-and-true model, and a mentor who can show you how to use it.
That's why we brought in award-winning strategist, business advisor, creative executive coach, and mentor, Shani Syphrett-Haynes to show you how to create an easy-but-effective ONE-PAGE business plan that will set you up for success, and take the STRESS out of developing your business plan.
Watch this webinar and learn how to use the Business Model Canvas to begin planning out your business:

Click here to download a free blank copy of the Business Model Canvas. You fill out this template on your own or follow along with Shani in the webinar. 

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This one-page Business Model Canvas will help you:

Organize Your Passion

Learn how to turn your passion for making into a profitable personal or organizational business model. No business plan experience necessary! Just bring your creative talent and willingness to try things out.

Find Your People

Learn how to determine the right people to focus your marketing efforts on and how to communicate with them to spread the word about your creative work.

Identify Your Value

No one does what you do quite like… YOU. Together we’ll look at your creative work and identify what it is that makes your work truly unique, and how you can use that to position yourself in the market.

Harness Your Resources

Determine exactly what you have and what you need to execute your business and get your awesome creative work in the hands of your customers.

Plan for Profit

Learn exactly what you should be considering NOW to set your business up for financial success in the future. Together we’ll look at your costs as well as potential revenue streams that will impact your financial future.

Prepare to Iterate

The most successful businesses are always evolving to meet the needs of their customers and environment. Learn how to not just be open to iterating, but PLAN for it.


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