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The Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Network is the place where we join forces to learn from each other’s business experience and push through barriers together

This is a place for you to exchange ideas, listen to stories and learn new strategies to launch or grow your business so you can make a meaningful impact with your creative work, and build a sustainable and diverse industry for the future.

Every week, you will have the opportunity to take part in challenges, activities, and networking events that will push your business skills and get you thinking outside the box. This community will be your fuel. To keep you going and keep you excited about your business and give you that competitive edge.

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Parsons Entrepreneur Academy will inspire you with the training that will help you thrive as a creative professional in your chosen field. 

From finding your ideal customer and building a marketing funnel to drive more sales, to building a conscious and sustainable business model, to managing your finances, building a diverse team, and pitching investors…

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We believe that as a creative, you deserve a mentor who understands the world you live in. That’s why every Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Mentor is a creative entrepreneur just like you. 

When you work with a mentor, you get a personal business guide. Someone who has walked the road before you and can teach you the tricks of the trade and help you overcome obstacles faster.

Your mentor is there to help you solve problems, generate ideas, and get the inside scoop of what works and why.

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