Social Media Advertising Best Practices: How to Profitably Grow Your Business on Facebook & Instagram

Advertising on social media is something that a lot of creative entrepreneurs tell themselves they should be doing... After all, it's a proven way to raise awareness for your brand, drive traffic to your website, and get your products and services in front of a new audience of consumers.

... But few entrepreneurs actually take the steps to create and manage long-term ad strategies on Facebook and Instagram. 

You might think it's too expensive to run ads on Facebook and Instagram, or that it's just not in the cards for a startup that might have limited marketing budget.

But social media advertising can actually be very effective for companies at any stage with any budget - IF you approach it the right way. There's a lot of iterating that goes into finding the top performing ads for your unique business. And not only will a winning ad help your business grow, you'll also gain valuable insights on your customers and what messaging resonates with them! 

To help you fast-track your way to social ad success, we've brought social media advertising expert and mentor here at Parsons Entrepreneur Academy, Jake Mehani to teach you how to effectively leverage social media advertising for YOUR business. 

Watch this webinar and learn how to create your own high-performing social media ads:

Click here to download a free Paid Social Campaign Structure Cheatsheet that Jake shares in the webinar. This download is a companion piece for the webinar that you can use to follow along with, and a reference for you as you move into creating your own ad campaigns. 

In the webinar you'll learn: 

What to Look for in an Ads Manager

Hiring an EXPERT to manage your business’s ads is one of the best investments you can make. Learn what to look for in a social media ads manager so you know you have someone reliable in your square.

How to Set Up Facebook Ad Campaigns

Together we’ll go through the most up-to-date media buying best practices on Facebook and Instagram. Learn the best tips for making a small budget go a very long way on Facebook and Instagram.

How to Design Ads that Stand Out

Aka the FUN part! Together we’ll look at real examples of successful ad creatives so you can see what works! Learn how to present your creative work on social media and get ideas for your next ad campaign.

How to Find Your Ad WINNER

Learn how to find the BEST ad that will boost your business. Together we’ll look at how to test your ads and the key success factors that set the winners apart.

How to use Iterations to Take Your Ads From Good to GREAT

Artists never settle for just “good enough!” Learn how to continue to iterate on your ad winners to create ads that CONVERT and bring new engagement and awareness to your business.


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