How to Craft a Value Proposition for Your Creative Business

Your creative work is so unique. But how do you convey that value to customers and clients? That's where your value proposition comes into play!

A value proposition is a concise way to describe the unique value you, your company, and your product or service will provide your customer or client. It's a way to differentiate yourself from all the other creatives and creative businesses out there. But it goes even further than that. A strong value proposition allows you to attract the people who truly align with what you're all about. 

Now, actually writing a concise statement that accomplishes all that can definitely feel overwhelming, and that's why we brought in PwC strategy and design expert John Jones to lead an interactive workshop guiding our members through writing their very own unique value proposition tree. 

John has 20 years experience in service design, product design, strategic planning and brand development across multiple consumer touchpoints including mobile, retail, web, voice, outdoor and wearables. His points of view on design have been featured in, eConsultancy, Wired, HowDesign, Venture Beat, PwC Digital Intelligence, DigitalPulse and other publications. PwC Experience Center spaces are canvases for innovation, helping teams develop solutions and prototype future-focused products and services.

The workshop replay is available inside our private community the Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Network. This Network is currently free to join and is an awesome place to build your professional and creative network by tapping into a global community of creative entrepreneurs. 

Click here to join the Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Network and watch the replay of this workshop.

Here are a few of the things John Jones covered in the workshop:

Find Your IDEAL Customer

Here’s your wakeup call: You should NOT be marketing to everyone! Together we’ll look at ways you can identify your TRUE FANS - the ones who 100% resonate with what you do.

How to Identify What Makes Your Work UNIQUE

There are hundreds of thousands of artists out there… But no one does what you do quick like… YOU! Learn how to find that special something you bring to the market that makes you SHINE.

Bring the VALUE!!

This is the big WHY! Together we’ll define why your creative work matters to your customers and clients and what problem you're solving. Get this figured out and it will be much easier to grow your customer base!

How to Speak to Your Customer

Your customers and clients are not one-dimensional. Learn how to understand your customers’ unique mindsets so you can speak directly to them, their problems, and their passions.

Build Your Own Value Proposition Tree

Together we’ll build a value proposition tree for you and your creative business that you can immediately begin to apply to your marketing messaging.

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