REPLAY: How Creatives can WIN Tax Season 2022

finance Apr 05, 2022

Alright, let's talk taxes!

Yep, we could feel your eye roll. Because let's be real, when has anyone EVER wanted to talk about taxes?

Well, talking about taxes becomes a lot more interesting when there's the potential of big-time money-saving! And that's exactly what we're going to be talking about today. 

In the US at least, taxes aren't super user-friendly—especially for small businesses. There are so many little nuances and deductions. And if you aren't aware of them, you're leaving money on the table—money that could be invested back into your business!

Luckily, we have small-business finance coach Andi Smiles to walk you through the steps you need to take to get your maximum refund!

And if you've already filed your taxes this year (go you!), Andi also shares time-saving hacks to help make filing in 2023 a lot less stressful. 

You can watch this video to get all the tax tips from Andi Smiles:

Click here to download your own copy of the Tax Deduction Cheat SheetYou can use this PDF to narrow down the deductions that are relevant to you and your business. 

In the video, you will learn:

WHY are Taxes so Expensive?!

Seriously... why!? Building your money confidence starts with understanding the tax system and how it applies to self-employed folks. Together we’ll break down HOW you’re taxed and WHY.

The DEDUCTIONS to Lower Your Tax Bill

Deductions are there to HELP you! Learn about what deductions are and how they can help you get that tax bill down to a more comfortable number.

How to PREPARE for Tax Season Like a BOSS

Tax season preparation starts a year in advanced! (seriously) Learn how doing a little bit of work throughout the year will help make tax season less stressful (and dare-we-say painless?)

Money-Saving Tax Tips

We all want to save money, right? Learn totally legit ways to save yourself money during tax season and beyond so you can put that cash back into your business and creating awesome stuff!

Should you Do Your Own Taxes?

Learn how to weigh the pros and cons of DIY vs hiring a pro. Together we’ll look at all the factors that go into this decision including expense, time commitment, and mental health.

Don’t forget to download your Tax Deduction Cheat Sheet and prepare for savings this tax season! Click below to get your copy:

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