Getting Started with Course Videos


Watch the clip below for guidance on how to navigate your online course and view all of the videos.


Computer Minimum Requirements

The first and most important item you will need in order to be successful in an online course is unlimited access to a computer. While mobile devices are convenient for checking a discussion board or reading an article, we do not recommend relying on a mobile device as your primary means for completing an online course.


  • PC or Mac with Fast Processor 
  • Monitor
  • Speakers
  • Additional Hardware for Webinars or Zoom Sessions: Microphone, Headset, Webcam


  • Windows 8.1 or Above
  • OS 10.14 or Above

Internet Connection 

  • A High speed Broadband Internet Connection is Required
    • Recommended Internet speeds:
      • Ping response is less than 100ms
      • Download speed is at least 10Mbps
      • Upload speed is at least 2Mbps
    • Test your Internet speed using, for an accurate reading of your internet connection. 
  • Please consider the following while participating in online courses:
    • Using a shared Internet connection will impact connectivity, such as additional household members use of streaming TV, gaming, and other Internet usage.
    • Wireless connections may be impacted by the distance from the router and interference from microwaves and other electronics. (Wired connections are recommended.)
    • Your Internet Service Provider’s performance may vary throughout the day based on community usage.

Internet Browsers

Internet Browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, are recommended. It is also suggested to have both of these browsers, so that one can act as a backup in case the other is experiencing issues.

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version) - Download
  • Google Chrome (latest version) - Download

Digital Accessibility & Accommodations

Parsons Entrepreneur Academy celebrates a diverse community of creatives and is committed to maintaining a supportive environment for all who study with us.

Digital Accessibility and Accommodations can be arranged by contacting [email protected] 

Online tools to help you get started:

Additional accessibility tools for online learning can be found here.