Business Mentoring for Creatives

Launching and running a business is challenging. It’s great to have skilled experts in your corner to help motivate and guide you along the way.

Our community of extremely successful professionals and creative entrepreneurs from all different disciplines, are here to help you take your creative business or idea to the next level. They are passionate people whose collective expertise include Finance, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Leadership, Sales, and more. Bring your creative business idea or goals to fruition, with our support.

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Let's Grow Together

Creativity flourishes when we work together. And when you work with our mentors, you're able to tap into the collective knowledge and experiences of successful professionals and creative entrepreneurs. Our mentors understand your business struggles and roadblocks... and they are passionate about empowering you to create solutions that work for your business. We are here for you.  

Let's Grow Together

Creativity flourishes when we work together. And when you work with a creative mentor, you're able to tap into the collective knowledge and experiences of successful creative entrepreneurs. Our mentors have walked your path, they've faced your struggles and roadblocks... and they've created solutions that work in the creative realm. We're here for you. 

"Shani was absolutely amazing! Very professional and concise. She was able to simply yet effectively guide me where I needed to be. I look forward to continued support through her services. I’m so grateful that Parsons offer such valuable resources like this mentoring program."

-Carlo P.

How it Works


Browse our mentor community to find the RIGHT fit for YOU. We understand that your mentor needs to be as unique as you. You'll be able to see each mentor's skills and expertise and book sessions with them directly for $199/hour. 


Once you book a session, you'll be able to share your work with your mentor. Tell them what you're struggling with and what you want to accomplish with your mentoring session. The more you can share with your mentor, the more they'll be able to help you.


You can work with your mentor short-term or on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to enable you to get the most out of your mentoring sessions which is why we made it very easy to work with mentors in 4 or 8 week blocks.

Making the Most of Your Mentoring

The main mission of the Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Mentoring Program is to help creative entrepreneurs achieve great transformations in their businesses by providing them with access to just-in-time knowledge and expertise that is specific to their challenges. Our platform provides access to a variety of world-class, hand-selected experts in key business areas, such as Sales, Marketing, Management, Leadership, Operations, and Finance. Mentors will provide mentees with coaching and strategic advice that falls within the context of their career experience. The Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Mentor platform aims to empower entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses around their art.

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Your best life awaits

If you're not satisfied with "good enough" now is the time to take action! Find your mentor and get on the fast-track to realizing your creative vision. The world needs your art. Let's make it happen!

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