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Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Honored in Fast Company's 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards

Parsons Entrepreneur Academy is proud to be named a World Changing Ideas Awards 2021 honoree in the category of Education by Fast Company! The Education award is selected by a panel of industry leaders tasked with identifying “initiatives that help inspire better and more equitable learning.”

Thank you to the editors and writers at Fast Company for this recognition! 

“We are honored to be identified as a World Changing Idea by Fast Company,” says Belén Aranda-Alvarado, who leads the marketing efforts at Parsons Entrepreneur Academy. “Our mission is to inspire creative entrepreneurs to build successful businesses around their art. Since launch, we have created a network of almost 2,000 creative entrepreneurs, enrolled over 350 individuals in our online courses, mentored creative professionals at very different stages in their start-up journey, and shared business training with over 4,000 webinar participants from all over the world." 


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