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REPLAY: Phaon Spurlock on How to Target Your Customers and Grow Your Business!

Phaon Spurlock is his name and MARKETING is his GAME! And his game is always on FIRE! 

Oh yeah, he’s worked with some household name brands and successfully built his own brands, including Prototype MKTG, BKLYN LEAGUE, and LuxuriousPROTOTYPE. He’s been featured in (and writes for) Forbes and too many other magazines to mention. He’s even spoken at the White House. 

It was his passion for marketing that led him to start Prototype MKTG, a creative agency that focuses on digital, experiential, and multicultural marketing. So, when Phaon talks marketing, we listen. And we are not alone. When he led the How to Target Your DREAM Audience on a BUDGET webinar a couple of weeks ago, creative entrepreneurs from Ireland, Spain and Switzerland to Peru, Colombia and Mexico and many points in the U.S. tuned in to soak up some marketing knowledge. And WOW, did Phaon DELIVER!

Check out the replay here:

We spoke to him about all things marketing and he gave us some...

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Social Media Advertising Best Practices: How to Profitably Grow Your Business on Facebook & Instagram

Advertising on social media is something that a lot of creative entrepreneurs tell themselves they should be doing... After all, it's a proven way to raise awareness for your brand, drive traffic to your website, and get your products and services in front of a new audience of consumers.

... But few entrepreneurs actually take the steps to create and manage long-term ad strategies on Facebook and Instagram. 

You might think it's too expensive to run ads on Facebook and Instagram, or that it's just not in the cards for a startup that might have limited marketing budget.

But social media advertising can actually be very effective for companies at any stage with any budget - IF you approach it the right way. There's a lot of iterating that goes into finding the top performing ads for your unique business. And not only will a winning ad help your business grow, you'll also gain valuable insights on your customers and what messaging resonates with them! 

To help you...

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Marketing for Artists: How to Boost Social Media Traffic to Your Website

marketing social media Nov 24, 2020

Your brand is thriving on Instagram.  Your latest TikTok video was a hit.  Your snaps keep everything fresh.

But how do you get some of that love to equal social media traffic to the site where you actually sell your creative work and tell your story?  

Your website is the centerpiece of your digital ecosystem -- the more traffic you drive to it, the more impact it can have achieving the goals of your business, whether that’s to sell your music, offer your photography services, or promote your upcoming book. Your site is your owned domain — you’re not renting it, you’ve built it on your property, and you control all the rules. 

In contrast, building your brand on Facebook is renting that space on Facebook. You don’t have control over design updates, algorithm changes, or what happens at Zuckerberg’s next Congressional hearing. If Facebook's operations are disrupted, you could lose all access to the audience you've built on...

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