REPLAY: Shani Syphrett-Haynes Shares the Easiest Way to Write a Business Plan

When was the last time you actually looked forward to writing a business plan? 

Uh... Probably NEVER!

The truth is a lot of people put off writing a business plan (and some never actually formalize this vital document) because it's just so intimidating. Like for real—we pursued our creative passions so we wouldn't have to write boring reports and documents, right?!

But, the traditional 20-something page biz plan document isn't the only way. In fact, it can actually be beneficial to start with something WAY more compact (we're talking ONE PAGE BABY!)

Why opt for a one-page business plan?

  1. It helps you keep your ideas concise. When starting a business, it's easy to have idea-overload. And while a lot of those ideas might be GREAT, they can dilute a business plan or business idea. (Plus partners, investors, and anyone-who's-anyone in the industry loves a solid, concise pitch.)
  2.  You quickly realize where your idea need work. When you're putting together a 20-page-doc, it might not be till page 15 that you realize there are areas in your plan that you may not have fully thought through. By limiting yourself to one page, you can create multiple drafts to work out the kinks before you take it large scale. 
  3. You can keep your vision in check. Getting bogged down in the details is a sure-fire way to lose track of your big WHY—the core vision that got you started on this entrepreneurial path in the first place. When you stick to one page, your vision is always right there —top of page, top of mind. 

If you're ready to make your own one-page business plan, we have a free template available for all members of the Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Network

The Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Network is a free, online community of creatives and entrepreneurs all working towards building a business around their art. It's a great place to network, ask questions, get tips and advice from people who have been there, (get feedback on your biz plan), or just feel a little less alone on this entrepreneurial journey. 

Once you have your template, watch this video and learn how to fill it out step-by-step from award-winning strategist Shani Syphrett-Haynes: 

In the video you'll learn how to :

1. ORGANIZE Your Passion

Learn how to turn your passion for making into a profitable personal or organizational business model. No business plan experience necessary! Just bring your creative talent and willingness to try things out.

2. Find YOUR People

Learn how to determine the right people to focus your marketing efforts on and how to communicate with them to spread the word about your creative work.

3. Identify Your VALUE

No one does what you do quite like… YOU. Together we’ll look at your creative work and identify what it is that makes your work truly unique, and how you can use that to position yourself in the market.

4. HARNESS Your Resources

Determine exactly what you have and what you need to execute your business and get your awesome creative work in the hands of your customers.

5. Plan for PROFIT

Learn exactly what you should be considering NOW to set your business up for financial success in the future. Together we’ll look at your costs as well as potential revenue streams that will impact your financial future.

6. Prepare to ITERATE

The most successful businesses are always evolving to meet the needs of their customers and environment. Learn how to not just be open to iterating, but PLAN for it.


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