Self Employed Taxes 101: What Every Creative Should Know

finance founder interview Mar 19, 2021

Taxes - the little word that instills fear in just about every self employed person. So much so that many people put off even thinking about taxes until the very last minute just to be hit with mountains of work digging through paperwork, invoices, and documents to file in time. 

Especially for self-employed folx, taxes stir up negative emotions. 

But it doesn't have to be that way! 

You can approach tax season from a place of empowerment and confidence! All it takes is a foundational knowledge of taxes - what they are, how you're charged, and most importantly, how you can lower your tax rate!

Knowledge = confidence. Seriously, sitting down to do taxes knowing you have all your ducks in a row, or scoring a bigger tax break for your creative business is the BEST feeling in the world. 

That's why we've brought small business financial consultant and instructor here at Parsons Entrepreneur Academy, Andi Smiles to teach you how to become a tax ninja with money-saving tips and deduction advice specifically for creatives.

Watch this webinar and learn the tax tips every creative should know:

Click here to download your copy of the Tax Deduction Cheatsheet. You can use this PDF to narrow down the deductions that are relevant to you and your business. 

In the webinar you'll learn: 

WHY are Taxes so Expensive?!

Seriously... why!? Building your money confidence starts with understanding the tax system and how it applies to self-employed folks. Together we’ll break down HOW you’re taxed and WHY.

The DEDUCTIONS to Lower Your Tax Bill

Deductions are there to HELP you! Learn about what deductions are and how they can help you get that tax bill down to a more comfortable number.

How to PREPARE for Tax Season Like a BOSS

Tax season preparation starts a year in advanced! (seriously) Learn how doing a little bit of work throughout the year will help make tax season less stressful (and dare-we-say painless?)

Money-Saving Tax Tips

We all want to save money, right? Learn totally legit ways to save yourself money during tax season and beyond so you can put that cash back into your business and creating awesome stuff!

Should you Do Your Own Taxes?

Learn how to weigh the pros and cons of DIY vs hiring a pro. Together we’ll look at all the factors that go into this decision including expense, time commitment, and mental health.


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