REPLAY: Phaon Spurlock on How to Target Your Customers and Grow Your Business!

Phaon Spurlock is his name and MARKETING is his GAME! And his game is always on FIRE! 

Oh yeah, he’s worked with some household name brands and successfully built his own brands, including Prototype MKTG, BKLYN LEAGUE, and LuxuriousPROTOTYPE. He’s been featured in (and writes for) Forbes and too many other magazines to mention. He’s even spoken at the White House. 

It was his passion for marketing that led him to start Prototype MKTG, a creative agency that focuses on digital, experiential, and multicultural marketing. So, when Phaon talks marketing, we listen. And we are not alone. When he led the How to Target Your DREAM Audience on a BUDGET webinar a couple of weeks ago, creative entrepreneurs from Ireland, Spain and Switzerland to Peru, Colombia and Mexico and many points in the U.S. tuned in to soak up some marketing knowledge. And WOW, did Phaon DELIVER!

Check out the replay here:

We spoke to him about all things marketing and he gave us some easy how-tos for targeting customers. 

In this digital marketing essentials workshop, he touched on targeting your audience easily and cheaply: “Which we all need to know because it's super important for building and scaling our businesses. In order to grow, we need to understand the audience that we want to reach.”

So, what is a target audience?

target “A target audience is a particular group of people or businesses to which an advertisement, a product, a website and/or message is directed. Once you actually understand your audience, you have a better way of making more money, and also saving more money. You can get it in front of the right people who are likely to convert to customers, which is more money earned. And you have the opportunity to create personalized content based on that audience. And you're also able to target the audience with things that matter the most to them.”

What do we need to know about your target audience?

“So, first thing’s first. You shouldn't start ANY campaign without understanding your target audience. It's super crucial to understand that audience because it helps your campaign and also the development of future campaigns. So, if you already have a brand, things you should know at this point would be the location, gender, age, which items they bought, what are the benefits of those items, and which item is selling the most. So, these are super important things to know because it guides you through the process of building out your brand because this sometimes may change. So, it’s always good to come back to these questions every six months or so and do a check just to make sure that you're still aligned with those customers (and to see who is buying your products).”

What advice do you have for those trying to determine their ideal customer?

“So, a quick exercise that I like to do is to make a list of all the products and services that I offer. The next thing I do is write the benefits of each one. Next to that, I write WHO may benefit from that product or service. So, think about each of those people. Do they have any commonalities? Can you describe that person? Things they may do, their age, their gender?”

What are some other ways to target customers?

“Social media marketing and email marketing, because those are the two best forms of digital marketing—and the most impactful. There’s content marketing, organic social media, paid social media, mobile marketing, SEO and email marketing. Email marketing—which is one of my favorite parts of digital marketing, because it's super effective, and it works. Email marketing is basically “let's talk to people who like us the most.” We've all seen on the news or in different publications how social media platforms now are either having these blackout moments, people are losing their followers, platforms and profiles are being hacked, and everything else. So, to combat that is, I say, ‘Yes. It's great to have followers. Sure. It's great.’ But the real bread and butter is to have people on your subscriber's list. They actually have to input their email address, which is a little bit more effort, which means they probably are more interested in your brand than a person who just clicks follow.”

How effective is email marketing?

“You can talk to (email subscribers) whenever you want. You can send them a message and it goes directly to them without having to worry about social media. It's easy, and it's cost effective. Honestly, whenever I send an email out, I get sales. I would definitely push you guys to make sure that you have your email set up with platforms.”

Find out what other HOT marketing tips Phaon has to offer! It’s all right here in the REPLAY of the webinar above.

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