Paul C Brunson on How Mentors can Help You Find Your Personal Brand

entrepreneurship May 10, 2022

About 20 years ago, Paul C Brunson took a plane ride to Turkey that would change the course of his life. Just days before the trip, Paul had given a presentation to a group of Turkish dignitaries in Washington D.C, at the Kaplan International Center where he worked acting as its youngest and first African American director.

After he was done speaking to the delegation, an elegant Turkish businessman stood up and proclaimed to the crowd: “One day this man is going to work for me!”

Totally blown away by this man’s confidence, Paul ended up having dinner with him and the two hit it off so well Enver (the man) invited Paul to come meet with him and his associates in Istanbul. Besides his wife and mother, everyone in the world told Paul not to travel to Turkey with this stranger, but he went. And the meeting would change his life. Turns out Enver Yucel and his family owned the largest education group in Europe and were looking for some to help them grow and invest in the U. S.—and that man would be Paul.

Paul flew back from Istanbul, quit his job at Kaplan, and went to work for Enver—just as Enver had predicted.

“Enver is one of my greatest mentors,” says Paul. “He taught me to think big and act boldly.”

If we are lucky, mentors and guides throughout stages of our lives will step in, lend a hand—or an ear—and shape our paths just the way Enver did for Paul.

And now Paul wants to do that for you.

Watch this video to learn more about Paul and hear him explain why wants to be YOUR personal mentor on this journey.  

If you don’t know, Paul C Brunson is a millionaire who is considered the most famous and successful matchmaker in the world. He is a serial entrepreneur who received an NAACP Image Award nomination for his bestselling book: It’s Complicated (But It Doesn’t Have to Be): A Modern-Day Guide to Finding and Keeping Love, and was the co-host on Oprah Winfrey Network’s show “Lovetown.”

He currently lives in London with his longtime wife, and two sons, and is hosting not one, but two shows. Paul is also a proud son of Jamaica (his mama was born there) and is the founder and chair of “Give Love, Build Hope” – a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming schools in rural areas of the Caribbean.

And now Paul is excited to be YOUR mentor in his new Master Class this summer: Creating and Monetizing Your Personal Brand.

You can sign up now, and grab early, VIP bonuses, because this one-of-a-kind training will probably sell out.

In this masterclass you’ll learn: 

  • How to translate your skills and life experience into being a thought leader and hold authority in your industry.
  • What is personal branding and why is it so important.
  • How to create a specific and actionable profit plan for your unique business.
  • Who your ideal customer avatar is so you can create targeted products that solve their needs.
  • How to harness influencer marketing so you can grow your audience quickly the smart way.
  • How to design a marketing plan that tells your story in an authentic way.
  • How to road test your ideas and offerings to see what works and doesn’t.

So, if you’re ready to take the leap but looking for help, Paul is your man. He has heart, soul, and all the experience you need to take you to the next level.

You in? Let’s do this!

Ready to:

Find out more about Paul? Click the video above.

Sign up for the “Creating and Monetizing Your Personal Brand” Master Class? Click here.

Back to y’all soon with more courses and opportunities to get you where you want to go!



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