Introducing the Parsons Entrepreneur Academy: Build A Business Around Your Art

As an artist, making the work is the part that comes naturally, whether that’s illustration, design, music, art, film, performance, writing, photography, or crafts. It’s the part that comes after — the budgeting, strategy, marketing, legal hurdles, and production — that can create roadblocks. 

Today, The New School is thrilled to announce the launch of the Parsons Entrepreneur Academy, a digital platform created to empower creatives to build businesses around their art. Through community networking, masterclasses, and self-guided courses, this program will help you develop the skills you need to turn your creative passion into a successful, sustainable business.

The program emerged from a growing need in the creative industries: access to basic, real-world training that makers and artists can apply to scaling their ideas. The Parsons Entrepreneur Academy’s business resources are made for creatives by other creatives, and speak to the specific challenges and benefits of the artist-as-enterpreneur approach.

The program will focus on three different tools:
  • An online networking community for creatives. Launching today.
  • Online training courses. Classes start February first; enrollment opens late 2020

It’s never too late to launch your own small business, make a career change, or take your creative passion to the next level. The Parsons Entrepreneur Academy can help you do it.

Connect with like-minded creators in the Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Network

The Parsons Entrepreneur Academy kicks off its first phase today with the launch of the Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Network, available online. Connect with fellow designers, actors, artists, videographers, musicians, and writers to share knowledge and resources — or even find new collaborators.

In addition to connecting you with like-minded peers, the Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Network will offer focused, topic-based programming on a monthly basis. Every month, members will have the opportunity to take part in challenges, activities, and networking events that will grow their business skills, foster out-of-the-box thinking, and allow members to collaboratively reach a better understanding of the monthly focus, be it tracking the social impact of your business or financial forecasting. 

Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Network subscribers will also have access to category-specific online workshops, easily-to-follow guides, and interviews with creatives who’ve built successful independent businesses.


Learn business basics from experts in your field with Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Courses

In February 2021, Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Training will start its first online courses. Each course, designed to be self-driven at your own pace, will cover a specific aspect of building a business around your creative work.

Unlike continuing education courses and structured business school programs, Parsons Entrepreneur Academy Courses will allow you to curate the curriculum you need, as you need it. The course selection will expand into Spring 2021.

Initial courses will include: 

  • How to Market Your Art: Discover how to use SEO content, paid social ads, and email newsletters to grow your audience.
  • Accounting for Artists: Become comfortable with contracts, budgets, and bookkeeping.
  • Creative Product Development: Take a deep dive into the research, prototyping, and manufacturing cycle of product development.
  • How to Protect Your Creative Work: Understand the laws that apply to your creative work and how to prepare for the legal decisions in business. 
  • How to Book Projects and Manage Creative Clients: Learn how to consistently bring new clients into your creative business and manage the entire customer-relationship cycle to foster happy, satisfied clients. 

The Parsons Entrepreneur Academy--Powered by the Parsons School of Design--is an online platform dedicated to helping creative professionals learn and master the business side of their professions. We provide community, mentoring and courses created for and by people in the creative fields.  Sign-up for our emails and learn how to turn your art into a business.


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