I Lost Rights to My Own Name: How to Safeguard Your IP

Do you know if your intellectual property is protected? 

Legal considerations aren't usually something entrepreneurs get excited about when they're first starting their business. After all, it's way more fun creating products and finding a customer base who resonates with and appreciates what you do, right?

But, failure to at least think through how you're protecting your work can lead to a lot of problems that can bring your business to a grinding halt - or, worst-case scenario, lose you the rights to your own name or your creative work.

Most entrepreneurs figure this out the hard way... 

But in this panel discussion, you can tap into the experiences of three very successful entrepreneurs who faced - and OVERCAME - early IP issues and don't want you to make the same mistakes. 

Meet the Panelists:

Kay Unger is the CEO of Kay Unger Design and Chair Emerita of Parsons School of Design. She's a fashion designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, and top designer for first ladies, anchorwomen, business women, partygoers and bridal parties. She is a Parsons alumna and also serves as Trustee of The New School and Chair Emerita of Parsons School of Design.

Aimee Kestenberg is the Chief Creative Officer, The Affordable Luxury Group, an award-winning designer, an industry leader and disruptor in the world of fashion, who is redefining the meaning of "affordable luxury." She graduated from Parsons in 2010.

And our moderator Chat Razdan is the Founder and CEO of Care+Wear, a leading provider of innovative healthwear focused on re-imaging how the world looks at and feels about healthcare. Chat is also an instructor at Parsons Entrepreneur Academy, teaching Creative Product Development.

Watch the replay of the panel discussion to learn how to protect your own IP both now and as your business grows:

 Here are a few of the topics Kay, Aimee, and Chat covered:

Entrepreneurial IP Horror Stories

Yes - if you’re not diligent, your ownership of your name and brand can be impacted. Kay and Aimee will share their own personal experiences and what circumstances led up the the complicated IP issues they faced so you know what to look out for.

What You Should be Doing RIGHT NOW to Protect Your IP

Both Kay and Aimee went on to develop extremely successful brands, and both are trailblazers in their industries. They will share all the things they’ve learned along the way that they WISH they had known when they were just starting to establish their brand. Use this as a checklist for your own business!

Setting Up Your IP for Growth

Kay and Aimee will share what they are doing now to overcome the challenges they have faced. They’ll share what they’re doing differently now to safeguard their IP and the steps they’ve taken to create systems that allow them to fully leverage and monetize their IP.


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