We are looking for the next Latina mogul-in-the-making, and we've partnered with Eva Longoria, America Ferrera and a few other folks to help us find her.

First, some stats--courtesy of our friends at Support Latino Business:

  • Latino/x small business owners are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States
  • Latinas lead 44% of Latino/x small businesses that range from restaurants, online apparel shops, beauty and lifestyle products to financial services
  • Latino/x-owned businesses contribute over $800 billion to the American economy every year
  • These entrepreneurs are often unable to scale at the same rates in comparison to their non-Latino/x counterparts
  • The COVID pandemic has made this discrepancy even larger

This is why we are so proud and excited to announce JEFA NATION, a contest to support Latina entrepreneurship launching on the third annual Support Latino Business Day, which is today: September 14, 2021.

In order to be eligible, participants must be a Latina owned startup (at least 51% Latina) already generating but have raised less than $500,000 in revenue and received less than $100,000 in funding to date. Other requirements include 1-5 years in registered operation and demonstrating business needs that are socially impacting their community. Participants are also encouraged to submit a 3-5 minute video pitch and business plan that will be reviewed by an expert panel. The final grantee winner will be chosen by Support Latino Business and announced on October 15, 2021.  Interested?  Got to to learn more.

Poderistas, a community co-founded by Eva Longoria, America Ferrera and 8 other Latina activists to celebrate Latina culture and harness Latina power, and Parsons Entrepreneur Academy, an online platform that provides creative professionals with business training, networking and mentoring, are partnering with community-led nonprofit Support Latino Business to award one rising Latina business owner with business training and coaching sessions from Parsons Entrepreneur Academy, and a $5,000 cash prize from Support Latino Business to expand their business venture.

 “Despite the economic impact of the global pandemic," said Charlotte Castillo, Managing Director of Poderistas, "Latinx-owned businesses with Latinas at the forefront continue to thrive against adversity and, in return, are influencing their communities daily in positive ways."

 “Entrepreneurship is about creativity, risk-taking, and leadership. So it is no surprise that Latinas and women of color are starting their own businesses at a higher rate than other groups," said Belén Aranda-Alvarado, Head of Marketing for Parsons Entrepreneur Academy. “Creative entrepreneurs are by nature visionary, barrier-breaking innovators-- but not everyone has been taught the formal business skills they need to successfully sell, promote, and form an audience around their concept.  Our mission is to demystify these topics with relevant, applicable training & solution-oriented mentoring.”

 “We know Latino/x-owned businesses contribute over $800 billion to the American economy every year," said Jennifer Meza, President of Support Latino Business. "Our mission is to continue identifying opportunities to elevate and shine a light on the Latino/x business community, especially Latina business owners and the significant contributions they make, the jobs they help create, and the positive impact they have on local communities and the U.S. economy.”

Which is why we say: Viva La Jefa!



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